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Thi-Qar Exhibtion

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  • Post last modified:April 14, 2021

Dhi Qar International Exhibition for Construction and Development was opened in the city of Nasiriyah and on its model sports hall, with the participation of 40 companies from the private and government sectors, and in the presence of a large official and diplomatic presence, which included the governor of Dhi Qar and the Turkish consul in Basra.
Governor Talib al-Hassan said during the opening ceremony that the exhibition is a first step on the right path towards rebuilding the province, which was the first in the world and the first letter in it.
And he indicated that the first session of the exhibition is only a first start, which will be followed by subsequent steps in the coming years and will witness the participation of Arab and foreign companies.
He pointed out that the governorate has set within its plans for the current year the construction of a large specialized building to set up the exhibition in the city of Nasiriyah, where work is currently underway to choose the appropriate site for it.
To that, the Turkish Consul in Basra Governorate, Faruq Kamiqji, said that he monitored a great turnout by companies and the public to attend the first Dhi Qar International Exhibition.
He indicated that this turnout will push the Turkish Commercial Attaché to encourage Turkish companies to come to Dhi Qar province and participate in exhibitions and investment projects.

In turn, the head of the Nasiriyah Chamber of Commerce, Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, said that the local government in the governorate and the private sector in it feel proud to open an international exhibition specialized in reconstruction, the first of its kind in Nasiriyah.
He noted the participation of more than 40 companies from the private and government sectors in the exhibition, including oil companies and others from different sectors of the capital, Baghdad.

He stressed that the exhibition constitutes the first work for bigger steps in the future, as the governorate seeks to establish a large international exhibition in the future with the participation of foreign and Arab companies.
For his part, Vice President of the Dhi Qar Investment Authority, Abdul Redha Al-Afrawi, said that the exhibition represents a great opportunity for companies, investors and businessmen to display their work and conclude deals and partnerships.
He pointed out that the participation of the authority aims to promote investment opportunities in the province, as well as inform the public about what has been achieved by the authority.